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Fashion to ‘Dye’ For: DIY Tie-Dye

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tie dyeIt’s straight out of the 60s and back with a bang. Yes, we’re talking about tie-dye – arguably the most notable retro fashion trend of 2020. The great news? It’s pretty easy to DIY, so you can get the look without having to spend your bucks at high-end fashion boutiques! Here’s a step-by-step guide to follow.

Making your own tie-dye bath

It is possible to buy a tie-dye kit online, although these are obviously going to cost more than making your own tie-dye bath from scratch. In order to do the latter, you will need a few essentials:

  • A stainless steel or dark-coloured plastic bucket that can hold at least 11 litres
  • A glass jar with a lid that promises a tight seal
  • Rubber washing up gloves
  • A measuring spoon
  • Dye (needs to be fibre-reactive)
  • Soda ash fixative
  • A pre-washed white T-shirt made out of 100% cotton
  • Rubber bands

It’s best to conduct your tie-dye experiment outside in a spot that won’t be too badly affected by the mess. Pull on your washing up gloves and fill up your bucket with 4 litres of cold water. Place three teaspoons of the dye into your glass jar, close the lid, and shake well. Pour the dye into the bucket, stirring until it has completely dissolved. Next, fill your glass jar up halfway with hot water, add in six teaspoons of the soda ash fixative and shake once again for a minute or two. Pour the concoction into the bucket and stir.

Place your chosen t-shirt into warm water, wring it out, and lay it flat. Choose a stylish tie-dye design online and create it by tying rubber bands around the shirt. Soak your t-shirt in the dye bath for around 45 minutes. Once the time has elapsed, grab the t-shirt using a sturdy pair of tongs and remove the rubber bands before rinsing in warm water, followed by cool water, until it runs clear. Keep those rubber gloves on!

Finally, place your newly dyed t-shirt into the washing machine and run a cool-wash cycle before hanging the garment out to dry in the sunshine. Your awesome design will soon be ready to admire and wear with confidence.

Be sure to share pictures of your creations with us and your fellow students on our Facebook page using the hashtag #FashiontoDyeFor

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