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Fashion tips: How to look expensive on a student budget

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fashion on student budgetThere’s a chill in the air, and with it comes a whole lot of fabulous winter fashion. Word is (for now at least) that as lockdown restrictions are slowly lifted, we are now allowed to shop for winter clothing!

This should come as great news for fashionistas looking to update their wardrobe for the colder months, particularly when many of the retailers are offering discounts to entice you into spending. But what about all us fashion fiends who are feeling a little cash strapped?

Yes – it is possible to look expensive on a student fashion budget. And we’ll show you how.

Student fashion tips to look expensive on a budget

The trick to looking like you’ve got expensive taste when you’ve actually purchased most of your clothes at Mr P or the thrift shop is to choose classic styles. Certain timeless pieces that never go out of fashion are wardrobe essentials if you want to look expensive.

  • Choose classic styles that fit and flatter your shape
  • Plain, solid colours in neutrals and brights to suit your colouring
  • Avoid silhouettes and prints that are high fashion

A simple dress

Everyone should own a dress in a really simple, no-frills style. By no frills, we mean literally, no-frills… or puff sleeves, or intricate lacing, or beading, etc etc. You get the feel. Choose a plain colour that suits your complexion, as prints go in and out of fashion quickly.

A classic coat

This is another wardrobe must-have to get that expensive look. Again, a simple silhouette like a trench or wrap coat with no fiddly detailing (like beads or frills) is more elegant and useful. Choose solid neutral colours such as beige, grey or black so that you can easily pair your coat with any outfit.

Dark tailored pants or skinny jeans

Have a few pairs of these in your closet to instantly give your outfit a classic, yet expensive look. Form-fitting, high waisted styles are best as they always look tailored. Choose dark jeans or pants that you can mix and match with different tops, jackets and shoes.

A white button-up shirt

A good quality, perfectly fitting white button-up shirt is possibly one of the most useful items of clothing you’ll ever own. You can dress it up or down, or somewhere in-between. Find a style that fits beautifully and flatters your figure.

A neutral blazer

A blazer is perfect for dressing an outfit up, without being too formal or dressy. Choose a tailored or an unstructured style – just remember to keep it simple (and again, in a plain colour).

Simple gold or silver jewellery

Want to look classy and elegant? For the most part, avoid intricate or flashy jewellery. Small round stud or hoop earrings, a plain gold bangle, and simple pendant necklaces are understated and scream good taste.

A selection of ballet flats

Ballet pumps are the perfect addition to almost every outfit. Make sure you have a selection of these shoes in different neutrals like black, navy and brown. If you can, purchase an extra pair in a bright accent colour that goes well with other items in your wardrobe.

Another good buy is always a pair of versatile boots to last through winter.

All in all? If you want your budget fashion to look expensive, then keep it simple. Simple shapes and simple colours should dominate your wardrobe. If you want to include trendy prints, do so – but as accent pieces that complement your overall look.

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