Fashion forward styling

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Student life affords you the opportunity to think, look and dress a bit out of the box. It is an opportunity to find yourself and get a grasp on this adult-thing. This is the time that you are encouraged to be you and what better way to express it than by finding your style and groove.

Your style can be enhanced to reinforce your identity. It can also serve as a canvas for self-expression. Just in case you are tempted to join in, here are some key points to take into consideration before you spice up your wardrobe.

Innovative ideas within a student budget

Not all student budgets are the same. When sprucing up your wardrobe, you need to focus on having everyday core pieces, like jeans, a black dress and other clothing that you can accessorise to upscale or downplay the look. You should also consider thrift (second hand) stores and other creative ideas to keep your budget in check.

Dare to break out of the box

You’ve got to keep an open mind. This is the one time that you are given the leniency to explore your likes and dislikes. However, rather than sticking to the usual safe bets, stretch yourself. Allow your mind to go beyond the norms. Try a dash of colour that takes you out of your neutral zone or a length that never appealed before.

Have the time of your life

In high school, your clothing was limited, and this may be the case when you join the workforce as a young graduate (and have to rock corporate wear). However, as a student, you can go to class dressed as you wish. Make the most of this opportunity because it’s unlikely to last a lifetime!

Find your inspiration

You need to have eyes that see and a discerning heart. Let inspiration find you and recognise it when it embraces you. You can find your styling push from Instagram fashion bloggers, campus vibes, Google trends, personal interests and more.

Transforming your style is not intuitive and often comes with active little pushes to change. You need to be true to your core and not just do something that others say will look damn good on you. Feel it and rock it, whatever the scene but do it with confidence. Chin up. Let’s go!

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