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Fashion foot forward – it’s a boot thing

By June 28, 2017 No Comments

Winter is upon us. Trees are bare. Colours dim. Daylight shortens. Animals hibernate as nature regroups. Yet even in the midst of this frosty season, there is a silver lining. Rather than sitting and wishing the cold away, we can not only embrace it as a vital season in life, but also flourish this time of the year from the bottom up, top to toe.

One way of doing this is by picking the right boots for the right occasion. Here’s just how to do that.

Personal branding

We’ve said it before and we will say it again; know yourself. This entails so much more than just knowing the styles and colours that you like. If (heaven forbid) – you know that you are a “wobbler” (sigh), stay away from heels in public, especially if you need to walk on campus all day. Rather opt for wedges or flats. Your boots should not just be there to keep frost bite away from your toes, but should play a big role in sharing your stylish personal branding narrative.

Less is more

Pun intended; less is more. If you can score a bargain at a thrift store or save money with end of the range discounts and coupons, go for it. Second-hand pairs can be great for just a fraction of the cost. Some stores offer student discounts and rewards points for your purchases. There’s nothing like scoring a bargain on a cool pair of boots to brighten up the day.

Add a personal touch

Bring back the old, but give it a modernised and functional twist. Mix-and-match colours to let your boots compliment your entire outfit. Add a pendant. Fold the top. You can go for the bold statement piece boots in colours like red and bronze or opt for the safer black and brown pieces. So long as you add that personal touch to own your look.

Buckle up, lace it or put a zip in it

Boots with personality are so hot right now. Don’t play too safe, but try to locate your style with something that has a buckle, lace and/or zip. There are bold and stylish as well as big and small variations for everyone. Just remember that they have to serve a purpose and be adaptable for the student environment.

The medium is the message

If you walk long distances in puddles to move from class to class, rather opt for functional (and super affordable) plastic wellington boots with sparkly glitter finishes. If you are at a stage where you must accommodate job interviews, get the formal, but stylish pair that also doubles up as the perfect date night outfit upgrade.

While style might be a priority as you robe up each day, winter boots need to do more than just look good. Be thrifty and buy a couple of different styles to match your mood, outfit or the weather, or opt for quality classics that will do the trick no matter the occasion, year after year. Boots beautiful boots – wonderful winter weather footwear.

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