Fashion Flair: 5 Menswear Trends to Watch Out For

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menswear trendsIf you rocked the same pair of jeans or PJ bottoms throughout the duration of lockdown, be sure to take action to step up your fashion flair before stepping out once again! Here is a round-up of the coolest menswear trends for the remainder of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

The classic white tank

Summer is in full force, so this trend is sure to fit right in. Grab yourself a classic white tank, or a tank in any colour that appeals to you, and pair it with a stylish chain and a snug pair of cargo pants. Add some extra personality to the look with some statement lace-up boots, or keep it classic with a pair of All-Star sneakers.

High socks

This trend comes with Pharrell Williams’ stamp of approval – in fact, he rocked it himself in a recent picture on Instagram. It’s a cheap and easy trend to imitate. Just invest in a pair of long socks and pull them all the way up your calf. You get double style points if you also throw on a pair of sporty slip-ons and a baggy hoodie. Wear this ensemble to the gym or to varisty when you’re keen for comfort.

Menswear trends with open collar shirts

When it’s time to dress up a bit, steer clear of your usual go-to button-up shirts and black pants and swap these wardrobe essentials with open collar shirts and high-rise black jeans. Tuck the shirt into the jeans before finishing with a slick belt and you’ll be good to go!

Snap up some satin

According to GQ magazine, the ultimate upcoming menswear trend of the season is satin – satin shorts, satin shirts, satin suits… satin everything! Head out to the shops and invest in a satin item and savour how smooth it makes you feel – literally and figuratively.

Chunky sandals

Heavy-soled sandals are all the rage at the moment. Picture those orthopaedic numbers that you get at Dis-Chem and you will be close to nailing the look! Wear them with your high-rise socks and put your best (fashionable) foot forward.

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