Facebook’s new online learning portal – is it for you?

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So we all know the value of learning digital skills for the digital age. But is your regular degree coursework teaching you everything you need to know about applying practical skills in the real world? Possibly not – and that’s ok. There are loads of free, simple tools that you can use to increase your knowledge.

The latest is Learn with Facebook – a completely free online learning platform that teaches all the ins and outs of digital marketing, from learning the basics to starting a career.

Why do extra study online if you’re already doing a degree?

While your degree may teach you a lot, it can’t teach you everything you need to know about applying your skills in real, practical situations. Extra courses are an excellent addition to your degree. They supplement your knowledge and give you additional insight from experts who are actually working in the field you want to go into one day.

Plus it looks great on your CV. Taking advantage of learning opportunities shows initiative, commitment and passion!

What Can Learn with Facebook teach you?

Facebook learning is focused on developing digital marketing skills to help you advance your career. The lessons are broken up into 4 sections: Getting started, Go further, Getting hired, and Excel at work. You receive a thorough grounding in digital marketing and learn how to use your skills to develop your career in this field.

The courses include case studies, insider tips and resources from industry experts, so it’s real life – not just academic theory. Learn with Facebook offers flexible learning at your own pace, and best of all it’s 100% free!

Who should take the Learn with Facebook courses?

If you want to go into any marketing field, then learning about digital marketing is a definite must! This course will certainly be a boost to your skills and knowledge.

Even if you don’t see yourself entering the marketing sector, Learn with Facebook could still be of value to you. Perhaps you see yourself as an entrepreneur one day… and initially, you will probably need to handle your own marketing. A bit of basic knowledge will really help you out!

Visit Learn with Facebook and register today for this amazing, completely free online learning opportunity!

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