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Face Mask Eyes – How to make them Pop

By Feb 1, 2021 No Comments

face mask eyesFor obvious reasons, it is going to be all about the Face Mask Eyes from a makeup trends perspective for the foreseeable future. With your mandatory face mask covering a good half of the surface of your face, now is the time to learn a few handy makeup tricks to make your eyes pop. Here is a round-up of our favourite eye makeup looks for 2021.

The feline flick

The feline flick is one of the most dramatic makeup looks and a true classic, so of course, it is going to be at the top of the list. Opt for liquid eyeliner for a bold aesthetic or go for something a teeny bit subtler by using a pencil liner or applying your eyeshadow in a tapered angle. You can also get creative by swapping out black or brown eyeliner for a brighter colour (blue eyeliner is big right now) or something with a bit of sparkle.

Ombre eyes

This is an eye-catching look guaranteed to turn heads. It involves finding an eyeshadow palette that boasts a variety of different shades of one specific colour. You can create the look by dusting the lightest shade on the inner corner of the eye, followed by a slightly darker shade on the middle of the eyelid, and finishing off with the darkest shade on the outer corner. Remember to blend for a seamless, professional finish.

Fluorescent crease

Start by applying an eyeshadow primer to help make your fluorescent eyeshadow colour as vibrant as possible. Once dry, use a brush to apply the fluorescent eyeshadow only into the crease of the eye. You can dust the rest of your eyelid in a natural hue and complete the look with a slick of metallic eyeliner across the lash line.

Red smoky face mask eyes

The smoky eye trend never goes out of style – instead, it adapts with the times. For 2021, the smoky eye should be achieved using red eyeshadow, as opposed to the more traditional brown shades. You cannot go wrong with burgundy, which looks incredible on all skin tones. If you’re not keen on red eyeshadow, but you still want in on the trend, why not give red eyeliner or red mascara a try?

Here’s to plenty of magnetic eyeshadow looks that will have you feeling fearless and feminine all year-long – face mask or not!

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