If you’ve ever wished you were creative, you’re in luck! Many people think that you have to have artistic ability to be considered creative, but in fact we are all creative in our own way – we just express it differently.

If you’ve suppressed your creative ability because someone once told you your finger painting sucked, now’s the time to rediscover it. Try one of these outlets for your imagination:

Take photos

Once upon a time only a few people bothered to lug a camera around, now anyone who has a smart phone can take photos at the touch of a screen. As you go about your day, try looking around you with different eyes, picturing what something would look like in a frame.

Remember, it’s not just about sunsets and happy gatherings – a close-up of an interesting rock or a reflection in a puddle can be just as effective, if not more so.


Try writing about your day or something you’re struggling with in a journal; thinking up a short story or expressing your feelings in a piece of poetry. The great thing is that when you’re being creative, you don’t have to follow any rules. Who says your journal scribbles have to make sense or that poetry has to rhyme or be soothing (think rap music if you have any doubts about this)?

If you’re feeling brave, you could even perform your work at a Studentdigz poetry evening.

Colour in

If you ever go into bookshops, you may have noticed the latest craze for adult colouring-in books. They come in all styles and are fantastic as they give you something to work with (in case you’re worried about creating a piece of art from scratch), while still allowing you to choose your colours and medium – crayons, paint or pencils anyone?

You can even return to early childhood if you like and colour outside the lines.

Sing or dance

Using your voice and/or moving your body are both great ways to express yourself and it makes no difference whether you’re good at it or not. Try some karaoke or dance in a club, or if you’re worried about what people might think, do it somewhere private. The important thing is to let rip without holding back.

Being creative makes you feel happier and more fulfilled. We can’t think of any other reasons you would need to give it a go!

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