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Exercising for fun – Are you a parkrunner?

By Jan 6, 2017 May 17th, 2017 No Comments

Chowing down on too much pizza? Spending too much time with your nose in the books? Maybe that party got a bit more turnt than originally planned? Either way, a bit of exercise is sure to do you the world of good.

If you haven’t yet heard about park runs… listen up! They are extremely trendy all over the world, for good reason. Not only do they promise a good dose of exercise, but they are short enough for people of all fitness levels to try. The traditional park run is 5km long, and you are given the chance to walk or run those 5km however you want to. Time doesn’t matter (unless you’re feeling particularly competitive, of course).

Sound cool? The Delta Park Run is the closest official park run to those res’ing in Braamfontein. If a mate of yours has some wheels, or if you have enough bucks to catch a taxi, do yourself and your waistline a favour and make the +- 20-minute journey to Delta Park in Victory Park this Saturday. We promise it will be well worth your while!

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • If you’re a first-timer, you will need to register online here
  • Participating in the park run is completely free – much better than shelling out thousands of rands for a gym membership every month!
  • It takes place every Saturday morning at 8 am sharp
  • You can run at your own pace
  • You can get involved even more by signing up to be a Delta Park Run volunteer and assisting with the weekly organisation tasks. If you’re interested, you can drop a mail to
  • If you’re keen to meet new people, the Delta Park Run has a social aspect to it too! Each week after the run, many of the participants meet at Doppio Zero (Greenside) Corner Barry Hertzog Drive and Gleneagles Road, Greenside, Johannesburg, for a well-deserved coffee and some nibbles.

Living too far away to take part in this specific park run?

There are park runs that take place at Albert’s Farm, Bryanston, Golden Harvest, Woodlands, Lonehill, Roodepoort, Gilloolys Farm, Modderfontein Reserve, Mofolo and Victoria Lake, so no excuses that you were limited by venue!

Say no to getting down at that party this Friday night (just this once!) and reap the benefits of the exercise and the fresh air the next morning instead. Like many other park runners, you might get hooked and find yourself wanting to get up to speed during the week as well. If nothing else, at least the endorphins will feel a lot better than a nasty hangover will!

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