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Establishing a routine to handle assignments and projects

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establishing a routineAre you a student currently struggling to keep up with deadlines? Perhaps your time management skills are lacking or you find yourself procrastinating despite resolving to get things done? For many university students, the secret to success lies in establishing a routine to aid them in handling assignments and projects. Here is how to go about it.


You will undoubtedly have a hundred different things on the go at once. You will have daily revision to get through, assignment deadlines looming in the near future, group projects to work on, a part-time job to attend to, along with your social and family commitments.

How on earth do you do it all? For starters, you need to prioritise what is most important at any given time. What is the most urgent task that needs to be done? Whatever it is, start with that before moving on to the next most urgent task, and so on. Before you know it, you will have ticked off every item on your list and possibly with time to spare.

Start with the longest or most difficult tasks first

If the majority of the items on your to-do list are due around the same time, you should then prioritise them according to difficulty or how long the task will take you to complete. Leave shorter, simpler tasks for later.

Break it down

Complex, lengthy tasks can be intimidating and will often leave you unsure in terms of where to even begin. If this is the case, try to break them down into shorter, easier steps. This will help you feel a bit more in control and more motivated to get to work.

Become an active learner

Active learners always have evidence of the work and revision which they have completed. Don’t be a passive learner and simply sit and read through your text books. Make notes, create charts and flashcards, draw up practice tests for yourself etc. You will certainly walk away from your study session feeling a lot more accomplished and having retained as much information as possible in your memory.

Keep the aforementioned in mind and you will soon be a master of your time and a pro when it comes to submitting work on or before its due date. Less hassle, less stress. You’re welcome!

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