Entrepreneurship- 2 Out of the box and totally weird business ideas

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Students understand all too well about being broke. Usually they turn to some form of entrepreneurship to make a buck or few.

Does this sound familiar? Perhaps you have tried selling sweets, airtime and even charging a buck for some student related jobs and services. Or maybe even tried attending business seminars and signing up for spammy newsletters to get tips on “how to get rich quick”. Yet here you are, broke as ever.

What do you do when you have tried everything? Maybe it can be a sign to think outside of the box and discard all that you know doesn’t work. Here are two businesses that are hinged outside of the “typical” business models; and became pretty darn successful.


No, this is neither a brothel nor hope for the desolate brothers hoping to rent a chick (hot lady) to their school reunion. It is not a restaurant either. This is an innovative business solution for people who are interested in urban farming. The idea is to give them a sense of how chicken farming feels, before actually taking the plunge.

Rent-a-chick, gives people the ability to get a “trial run” to see if they can cope with two chickens quacking around, chicken poop and all the farming that goes with it! Rent-A-Chick was founded by a husband and wife couple to give people the opportunity to rent chickens for the summer. In this way, they can raise a brood of hens to see if it is actually something that they wish to pursue.

Hangover Helpers

Founded by two college dudes, the Hangover Helpers takes innovative student-friendly jobs to the next level. In short, you call them when you are suffering from a hangover. When your apartment is so trashed you can’t even begin to clean. You call when you’re starving, but are too messed up to even think of getting up to make yourself something to eat.

The hungover student simply calls in the morning and the Hangover Helpers arrive with breakfast and clean all the rooms in which the party took place. This includes, but is not limited to scrubbing the floors, washing the pots and recycling bottles.

Entrepreneurship is at your fingertips

What such weird successful businesses teach is that you don’t need to be a big team or try to do it alone. It also helps to focus on something that you love. If you can spot a niche and think of a brilliant idea, you may not even need funding. You can do it. Entrepreneurship is within your means.

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