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So you want to throw a party but you don’t have a dining room table? No problem! Here are some great ideas to get around the tricky issue of where to put food (and people):
The seating plan
The good news is you don’t need one! Use whatever chairs you have and add some cushions on the floor (obviously make sure the floor is clean) so people can find a spot where they feel comfortable. If you can’t get your hands on enough chairs/cushions, ask your guests to bring their own.

Use the kitchen
If you have a kitchen counter, lay out the food and utensils there and let everyone help themselves before finding a seat. To increase the counter space, lay a flat board over the sink (this also comes in handy to hide dirty plates – just slip them into the sink under the board).

It all adds up
Gather small ‘tables’ from anywhere you can find them – coffee or bed-side tables, storage crates or even two piles of books on the floor with a flat board laid between them. Arrange them either together or around the room. Windowsills and bookshelves are less movable but also work well.

Do it on the floor
Make your party an indoor or outdoor picnic (at home or somewhere else) by laying out a big cloth on the (again, clean!) floor and arrange all the food on it. Scatter cushions around within easy reach of the food.

Don’t forget the drinks!
Fill your bathtub or a couple of large buckets with ice and use those not only to store the drinks (saving you table-space) but to keep them cold too.

Whatever ‘tables’ you use, cover each one with a pretty cloth or colourful serviettes to add a party vibe. This also protects the surfaces and catches stray bits of food, making it easier to clean up afterwards. Add a few candles in nice sturdy holders, and perhaps a flower or two tucked into the food or scattered around, and your party will be a night to remember!
Packing crate table

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