Electronic Device Care 101

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If you’re lucky enough to own an electronic device of any kind, from a laptop or fixed PC to a kindle or iPad, it’s a good idea to know how to look after it properly. If you do, it’s likely that it will function better and last a lot longer too. These tips will help:

Handle with care
Electronic devices are more robust now than ever. There are still limits though, and the less you bump, drop or otherwise stress them, the happier they are. Don’t put pressure on the screen, hinges or frame, and if you carry your device around, keep it in a suitable padded case (be sure to turn it off before you put it in the case to prevent overheating).

Back up your data
This is such a basic thing and yet many people don’t do it. After all, so many things could go wrong – your device could get lost or stolen, pick up a virus or be irreparably damaged by a fluke accident.
Set a regular reminder on whatever calendar you use to copy your most important files to somewhere else, like an external hard drive, an online storage system like Googledocs or even a memory stick. Just keep your back-up separate from your device, otherwise it’s pointless.

Use an access password
This is especially important if you store confidential information of any kind on your device. Choose a password that is difficult to guess so if someone else does get their hands on your device, they won’t be able to easily access your data.

Clean it with the right stuff
Even if you don’t eat or drink over your device (never a good idea anyway), it will still attract dust and end up with smears from being handled. Chemicals and abrasive fabrics should be avoided at all costs – rather use a soft cloth, either dry or moistened with an approved screen cleaner (not water).

Service it regularly
If your device starts doing strange things or slows down substantially, it may have picked up a virus. Take it immediately to a professional who can check it for you and get rid of any nasties. It’s a good idea to get it serviced regularly anyway, to keep it operating at peak performance.

Looking after your device may take a little effort, but think of it as an investment that will pay huge dividends over time – it’s well worth it.

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