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Educating and prepping yourself for a post-COVID career

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post-COVID careerIsn’t it amazing how much the COVID Crisis has changed the world? There’s been a lot of focus on the negative impact of the pandemic – and to be sure, there have been many negatives and it’s been a stressful time for everyone.

But it helps to look for silver linings. And one of the consequences of Coronavirus is that it’s changed the way we work, changed how people think about their careers, and generally made the workplace much more flexible.

Many of these changes are permanent because we’ve realised that some things (like emails instead of meetings) are just so much better for productivity. So, the question is: how can you roll with these changes, and ensure that you, as a student, are best prepared to thrive in your post-COVID career?

Education is vital, and not just for essential services

More than ever, we’ve noticed that some jobs are definitely more essential to survival than others. If you can pivot your studies now to serve industries like healthcare, retail, sanitisation or AI – do it.

And don’t forget about the arts! With so many people choosing to become entrepreneurs during 2020, it’s been a fantastic time for designers, marketers and experts in social media to grow their businesses.

Just as important, is enriching your studies through skills in technology. No matter what post-COVID career path you choose to follow, you need to be flexible enough (and have the basic tech know-how) to be able to offer your services in an online environment.

This applies to everything from personal trainers and teachers through to lawyers, accountants and business consultants.

Which brings us to our next point:

Tech soft skills and the ability to adapt to a post-COVID career

The future is digital. Almost all meetings are going to be held via video conference from now on. Your email (and maintaining an organised filing system) will be of the utmost importance. Time management is another vital soft skill you will need to develop, as most companies will require staff to work from home at least some of the time.

If you struggle with Zoom, don’t know how to use cloud-based storage systems like Google Drive and Dropbox, and are a notorious procrastinator when left to your own devices… you need to start working on that now.

Flexibility is another soft skill that will be highly valued in a post-COVID world. Thanks to COVID-19, the year 2020 was a whirlwind of unexpected changes. Those employees who weathered the storm, and managed to grow their careers against the odds, were those who were able to quickly adapt to change.

The growing importance of the wellness industry

We know that essential workers like doctors and nurses are, well, essential. However, the Covid pandemic has also shed new light on the importance of the wellness industry in general – and we’re talking both physical and mental health.

The flexibility of working from home has its downside – namely poor workspace set up, poor eating habits, and poor exercise routines. All of which cause problems with physical health, from back pain to weight gain.

Similarly, the stress of 2020 combined with social distancing has made people more prone to mental health issues like anxiety, loneliness and depression.

What’s great is that companies are much more aware of the importance of mental and physical health, and are more likely to implement processes that nurture the wellbeing of their employees. It has also provided career opportunities in the wellness field (and even more so if consultations can be conducted online).

It’s never been a better time to pivot your career into the wellness industry – everything from fitness, yoga, pilates and massage to life coaching, counselling and meditation therapy.

In conclusion?

Whatever your career, there is hope for you to succeed in a post-COVID world. So long as you remain accepting of change, willing to adapt and keep up to date with online technology, you’ll be just fine!

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