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“Do’s” and “don’ts” for healthier eating for a tight budget

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This is not your typical healthy eating plan with impractical means to save money. It is also not for the eager healthy beavers who are overly obsessed about eating green foods and going to the gym. This is a practical plan for those who want to crack down on the figure, enjoy a little indulgence here and there, without compromising their health or wallets.

If this sounds more or less like what you have in mind, then keep reading for our top tried-and-tested “do’s” and “don’ts” for healthier eating without increasing your budget. What we also love about this is the practicality of it all. It makes healthy eating obtainable and affordable.

Ultimate 7 Do’s

  1. On your way home, check out local sellers selling fresh fruit and vegetables next to bus stops and taxi ranks (the prices are often marked down in the late afternoons)
  2. Scribble a shopping list before your go shopping
  3. Educate yourself on the prices of items to see if the sale is really a sale
  4. Grab a flyer when you go shopping and circle the specials
  5. Compare prices
  6. Beef up your budgeting skills
  7. Eat more fruits and veggies and less meat (meat is often much more expensive)

Indisputable 5 Dont’s (under any circumstances)

  1. Buy in bulk when you don’t need the extra items
  2. Go shopping hungry
  3. Simply buy because it looks irresistible and smells good
  4. Cook without a meal plan
  5. Discard leftovers (rather freeze them for later)
  6. Leave without a packed healthy lunch box
  7. Live off a sugary high

Food is all about passion and it is possible to stretch your healthy eating alternatives without dipping deeper into your pocket. Even as a student, you can train yourself to opt for healthier alternatives. Your body is all you have and it is your duty to look after your health and wellness. It is within your means. Go for it!


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