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Doing your thesis? How Twitter can help with your statement!

By July 31, 2019 No Comments

Thesis social mediaScholars know that writing a thesis is a significant component of studies. Particularly for postgraduate research. It is an academic argument and needs to be presented in a scholarly way with research and findings. But sometimes, you may find that inspiration and aid can come from the least unlikely tools. Say, for example, Twitter. If you’re still interested, here’s how.


Twitter forces you to be space conscious. This, in turn, discourages long-winded chats. Encouraging you to be relevant and to sharpen your argument. All these characteristics are necessary when drafting a thesis statement. Write your thesis statement in a tweet (albeit a paper-tweet that you don’t publish). You would need to narrow it down (particularly the topic). It would need to be clear and brief. – The perfect recipe for a winning thesis statement.


Someday, the goal is to have your thesis published. To be able to prepare for counter-argument participation objectively. You can even receive negative feedback with positivity and appreciation of diversity. One way of doing this is by setting up a hashtag with your fellow students. Publish your proposed or mock thesis statements online or on paper-tweets. Then hang them in the lecture room.

You could even set up an anonymous Twitter account. Everyone can use it to publish their statement ideas. It would then be beneficial for everyone to comment on about three (or more) topics, giving invaluable input to fellow students to help sharpen their arguments. This, in turn, will open you up to the life skills of receiving feedback from others. Helping you get better and better.


Consider the feedback as research, even if derived from technology. It’s a personal undertaking to make sure that your proposed research statement is relevant, ensuring that it is well-articulated, detailed and that it incorporates relevant feedback. It will also prepare you for the academic research, literature review and methodology. All the things that you will need to undertake to complete your thesis in the future.

As a future researcher, see the lessons that you learn from Twitter as steppingstones. Twitter teaches you that every character counts. Giving careful consideration before publishing content teaches you the social element of bouncing your ideas with others and refining them based on constructive feedback. When used correctly, Twitter can be a tool in your hands. And a steppingstone to ace that research statement.

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