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data coursesData science is a skill that’s in huge demand right now, and if you choose this industry as your career path, you could be earning big bucks one day!

Ok, it’s not all about the money. Passion is actually more important when choosing a career. However, even if you don’t plan on going into data science one day, learning the basics is still a super useful addition to your resume.

If data science is not part of your degree, we’ve found some free online courses can help to get you started

Why learn data science?

Data science is a field that incorporates IT and computer science with business analysis.

We’re very much in the age of information now, so many large (and small companies) use data analysts to make sense of all of the data that they gather on their customers, their business and their industry. Learning the basics of data science is useful because it gives you coding and computer skills that you need in order to recognise, extract and then analyse valuable information.

Codecademy: Learn Python and Learn SQL

Codecademy has developed 2 free data science courses to give an overview of the languages most commonly used in data science. Learning SQL is essential for anyone just getting into the industry. Python is useful because it gives a solid grounding in coding language and makes it easier to transition to other languages later on.

Udemy: Introduction to Data Science Using Python

Do you want to learn to code, and also gain an understanding of what being a data scientist actually entails?

This free course from Udemy does just that. The course is a beginner’s introduction to data science. It covers machine learning, data science, and how using Python fits into a data scientist’s day-to-day job.

These courses offer a superb grounding in data science, so you’re armed with a solid understanding of what the industry entails. They are of course free, so the study modules do not go into a lot of depth. If you want more detailed information and are serious about pursuing a career in data science, then it’s a great idea to look out for additional paid courses to help you on your way.

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