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Do you suffer from decision anxiety? How to trust your first instinct

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Decisions, decisions. They can be the worst right? From little stuff like what to wear or what to eat, to big things like whether to take an extra course or say yes to that internship, decision anxiety can really begin to wear you down!

If you feel like you’re drowning in choices, we’re here to help you with decision making so that you can find a way forward!

1. Trust your gut!

That initial feeling you get when you’re making a decision? Trust it! It’s easy to get caught up in projecting endless possibilities. However, as human beings, we’re blessed with an amazing sense of intuition that instinctively knows right from wrong.

2. Visualise and weigh your strengths

Visualise the consequences of your decision. Let your imagination wander down that path and think on what might happen depending on what decision you make. Think about your strengths – is there anything that might help you if a decision doesn’t go according to plan? Maybe you have an amazing ability to adapt whatever the situation. Being prepared to accept the consequences can help you with making a decision.

3. Sleep on it

When a big decision is weighing on your mind, your brain can become so clogged it’s difficult to think clearly. Taking a break and then coming back to a decision can give your thoughts a break and help you find a solution.

4. Ask for advice

Still stuck with how to make a decision? Call a friend or family member. When you are stuck in the decision-making process, it’s hard to think logically. Often, people who know you well but aren’t emotionally invested in the decision as you are can see the obvious answer that’s been staring at you in the face!

5. Have a little faith

Decision anxiety can feel like falling down a rabbit hole, but making some kind of decision is far better than not doing anything at all. Have a little faith and know that whatever decision you make, it is likely the best for where you are at this point in your life. The universe has a funny way of making things work out like that! Just decide, and then keep on moving forward.

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