Do you have what it takes to rock a career in radio?

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radioThere’s more to mastering the radio industry than a captivating voice and a whole lot of luck. In fact, if you know what it really takes, you would stop relying on luck and start creating your own radio career path. Here’s exactly what you need in terms of skills, formal education, experience, qualifications and connections.

Experience vs formal education

While the general rule of thumb is that you may not need formal qualifications to enter the radio industry as a talk show host or advertising agent; it certainly does give you the advantage if you’re interested in producing, journalism and news reading. One way of picking up practical experience and relevant life skills is by pursuing student jobs on campus radio or community radio stations when job hunting, and learning as much as you can while there.

What sets you apart?

The fact that you’re interested in radio and music apps is proof that you can’t deny the radio lure. It should also remind you that it is a desired industry with a lot of competition. It, therefore, becomes imperative to bring a unique value-added proposition that sets you apart from others. This can be distinctive qualifications, an in-depth understanding on a particular niche like sports, a lively social media and lifestyle profile or perhaps even the ability and resilience to make connections, raise funds and press on to get sponsorships.

At the end of the day, you need to have the mindset that’s ready to win. If you’re asked to take on the graveyard shift, go for it. Volunteer if need be, but don’t for a moment stop making things happen. Your actions to carve a way into the radio industry should start in your student life and not be one of those things that you hold back on until a later stage in life when think you are ready to fully immerse yourself. It begins with a belief in self. If you know, like you know, that this is your journey, don’t give up. Press on until you master the airwaves with your input.

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