Do colleges keep parents informed on Academic Progress?

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So, your child is a young adult and varsity bound. Up until now, you have relished in the peace of mind that your child’s high school has kept you up to date. Updated on his or her progress, challenges and successes. When something has gone amiss or if there was an issue relating to your child’s schooling. You have been the first point of contact.

But what happens when he or she sets foot on campus? Are the procedures the same? Are you privy to information like his or her exam results and class attendance records? The short answer, unfortunately, is ‘no’.

Keeping Up with Your Child’s Academic Progress

Are you wondering how this can be the case? Considering that you’re paying the university tuition fees for your teen to study in the first place? The simple explanation is that you will no longer have any legal right to your child’s academic records. Once they turn 18, they become a legal adult.

So, if this is the case, how can you keep up with your child’s academic progress without violating any privacy laws? It may be worthwhile to have a heart to heart talk. Before you go rummaging in their backpack looking for evidence.

The best way to convince your young adult to share this kind of information with you is to remind them how important it is. That it’s essential for them to take ownership of their actions and their studies. Emphasise how you trust them. How you trust them to make the right decisions. And how you are their biggest cheerleader. Let them know you cannot wait to see what they are going to make of this incredible opportunity to further their education.

These simple words are sure to make your kids a lot more likely to open up to you. To be open about their progress and share their records with you. It is a much better approach than trying to ‘force’ them into keeping you in the loop.

It is also possible for a student to sign a form that grants their parents access to their records. Although it is worthwhile talking to the university about their policies around this. Unless your child is paying a portion of their own tuition fees, they shouldn’t have any misgivings about signing these papers.

Building Trust

It can be difficult to hand over the reins to your varsity-bound offspring, after spending years following their education. It is an inevitable step that goes hand in hand with your child ‘flying the nest’.

Do your best to trust that your young adult will do the right things and ask for help if he or she needs it. Even if they don’t, and they spend their evening partying with friends, rather than working on their assignments, they are sure to learn a bunch of worthwhile life lessons along the way!

Sometimes, as parents, we need to sit back and let the kids make their own mistakes, so they can learn from them and move forward wiser than they were before. After all, this is how most of us learnt the power and importance of responsibility. And we all turned out ok!

At the end of the day, it’s about opening those lines of communication and hoping for the best. Your child may surprise you.

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