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Diversity – Everyone’s Different (And We Love It!)

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One of the best things about being at varsity is getting to know new people – students come from all kinds of countries, places, and backgrounds, and you never know when you’ll meet your future BFF!

On the other hand, you might not be used to such a lot of diversity – after all, people at your high school probably came from the same area, and there were fewer of them around! Here are some ways to get used to diversity at varsity and love every minute!

Diversity – It’s there to be celebrated

South Africa is home to people of so many different cultures, and we are all brought up a little differently.

If you’re open-minded about meeting new people, you’ll see this as an awesome opportunity to learn something about someone else’s culture and teach them something about your culture too.

There may be times when someone from another culture says or does something that you just don’t get – if you feel that their behaviour is offending you, don’t keep it bottled up inside!

Approach your new friend and have a heart-to-heart – tell them that you’re confused by what they said or did, and try to find out why it happened. You’ll both feel better afterwards, and you’ll be building your friendship at the same time!

Breaking out of a “group”

Sometimes peeps from different cultures feel more comfortable in a group that has something in common – maybe they all went to the same high school, or they could be studying the same subject or play the same sport.

If you feel like you belong in one of these groups, there’s nothing wrong with that – but try to break away sometimes and get to know someone new!

When you chill with the same people all the time, you make great friends that could stay with you for life. On the other hand, the same group of people day after day could get boring if you don’t include others – reach out to new peeps and include them in your circle – you never know how awesome that new person could be!

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