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Digs living – We’re not peas in a pod

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Look at peas in a pod, they line up perfectly, have order and pretty much get along when each stays in their place. That’s an analogy one parent gave to their student child when sending them off to varsity and in preparation of communal living.

Within days, when the mom called to check up on her son, he said something that resounded in her. When asked to summarise communal living, he simply said “we’re not peas in a pod”.

That’s one of the greatest discoveries for those who truly understand the basics of communal living. Unlike at home when you have to do stuff because you are told to, tertiary life comes with its own freedom and related challenges.

What do you do when your digz mates simply refuse to stop drinking your milk and gulping your drinks in the communal fridge? Perhaps they keep making parties and “do their thing” way too loud!

Whatever the case may be, here are our top tips on what student digz living truly is, should and can be based on these popular myths.

Unity is power

While this is true in the sense that when people are together and with one vision, there is strength; trying to get everyone to be “one” in a communal setting can signal disaster. For example, it can be difficult to get everyone to agree on the décor and design elements of the communal spaces.

Some may be creative and others more inclined to other things, so it is important to constantly communicate and be willing to negotiate. Communicate in a non-judgmental manner that allows fellow house/flat mates to be themselves and find common ground.

It’s as easy as A, B, C

For some, a party on a Thursday night can be considered normal, along with tagging along a sleep-in partner who showers daily, but does not contribute to the water and lights bill. Some things are not intuitive and the assumption that they are can have catastrophic results.

One way of getting to the bottom of things can be to have a meeting every week/month to discuss what everyone is happy/unhappy with and to discuss solutions/sharing of duties.

Forget the minors

When you live with other people sharing an intimate space that you call home, the minor stuff can make just as much impact as the “bigger stuff”. Even seemingly small things like snoring, undressing in a room with a same sex roomie, not taking regular showers or playing music loudly (maybe even just deciding on the genre); all that can and must be discussed.

Digz living is all about recognising that nothing should be considered intuitive. Whatever the case, communication is key.


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