So it’s the beginning of a new year and freedom beckons: you’re about to move into your new digs and it’s all good! While you’re still feeling fresh and energised, take the time to set up your living quarters for the year. Get them in order now and your digs will be a good base for you in the year to come. Here’s where to start:

Take stock of your room
Do you have the basics you’ll need? This should include:

  • A place to lay your head – a bed or mattress
  • A space to study – ideally a desk where you can spread out your work, otherwise a comfortable spot on the floor
  • A place to store your stuff – a cupboard or shelves

If you don’t have these, consider visiting second-hand shops or auctions to snap up a bargain.

Set up some systems
If you’re sharing digs, this is the best time to discuss some important aspects of living together. Will you share costs and split cleaning, shopping and cooking duties? If so, decide how much each of you will contribute to the joint kitty and set up a task roster. If not, decide how to designate what belongs to whom in the kitchen (a shelf each works well here) and how to manage keeping the place clean.

Negotiate ground rules
Take a turn to each state your basic requirements and pet hates. For example, do you freak when someone leaves wet towels on the floor of the bathroom or plays their music at top volume while you’re trying to study? Your needs may conflict with someone else’s, so some compromise might be necessary. Discussing it up front might be awkward but will save you even more conflict later though!

As you settle into the year, you may find you need to adjust a few things that aren’t working for you. Having the basics in place to start with makes it that much easier though, then you can concentrate on studying and enjoying your social life!
House rules

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