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Demogoroth Satanum: Soweto’s Ground-breaking Black Metal Band

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The varsity experience is all about trying new things, right? What better way to do so than by checking out a cool new music genre? Even if you’re a hip hop junkie at heart, we recommend that you stop whatever you’re doing right now and give Demogoroth Satanum a listen!

Before you write them off as ‘just another white-infused metal band’… wait a minute. This talented fivesome is a little bit different from what you’ve probably come to expect. All of the musicians hail from Soweto… and they make up South Africa’s very first all-black, black-metal band!

Who’s Who in a Black Metal Band?

The band comprises of lead vocalist, Sthe “Tyrant”, Trevor “Paranoia” and Brian “Thronumgoroth” on guitar, Thapelo “Bellicosus” on bass and, last but not least, Modiba “Belgaroth” on drums.

What You Need to Know

The black metal band has been together since 2009 and has been working tirelessly in an effort to break their way into the industry. Things really started happening for them last year and 2017 has brought them even greater success!

They are now dedicated to furthering the metal movement amongst the black local youth, celebrating a music genre that they are immensely passionate about and, in their words, ‘destroying stages everywhere!’.

The Gentle Ogres of Black Metal

Needless to say, they really stand out. You can recognise them immediately – usually with white painted faces and spiked leather jackets, the dudes come across as pretty darn intimidating… and their songs are just as powerful as their look!

According to Sthe, the lead vocalist, “I think our biggest obstacle was getting over what the community would think of us. They think that if you’re doing this, you guys are a bunch of Satanists”.

Contrary to popular belief, the guys are far from Satanists – and do what they do simply because they love metal music and are fervent about helping to break racial tension and stereotypes within South Africa.

If you’re keen to see what this unique band is all about, click here to view one of their recent performances on YouTube. Don’t forget to tell us what you think!

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