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Getting Along – Dealing With Conflict at Varsity

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Dealing with conflict

As nice as we try to be, there’s always someone who gets on our bad side sometimes. At varsity and in digs, there are times when peeps just don’t get along – instead of making enemies with other students, you should try and resolve your conflicts. Here are some tips you can use to make your varsity years drama-free!

What causes conflict?

Take one look at any family, varsity class, or digs building and you’ll realise one thing – humans are all different. We have different personalities, different upbringings, and different goals in life – and these differences can create conflicts.

A conflict could be a disagreement – you just don’t agree with something that someone else says or does, and when you let them know about it, they react in a bad way. If you get into an argument at varsity or in digs, keep these points in mind before it gets too nasty:

  • Is the argument worth it? Some peeps will have a massive argument over random stuff that shouldn’t even be an issue, like what sauce to put on a burger, or which band plays the best. This type of argument is not worth getting into – just agree to disagree and leave it alone!
  • How do you sound to the other person? Take a step back and ask yourself how you’d feel if you were the other person – are you being rude or making them feel small? You can disagree with someone all you like, but do it in a way that shows respect – that way, they might actually listen to you and not get mad.
  • Are you getting too personal? If you really don’t like someone and the feeling is mutual, the two of you will be ready to argue about anything – in this situation, avoiding the person is best. You’ll get too personal and end up having a huge fight over nothing.

Resolving an argument

If you stay calm and tell the person exactly why you disagree with them, you’ll give them a chance to tell you their side of the story. This is the first step in finding a solution so that you can all chill together with no issues.

Talking to each other with respect is the first step to resolving a conflict – keep reading our blog for more advice on getting along and avoiding varsity wars!

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