Dance the Night Away

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So it’s Friday night and you’re ready to party but you’re feeling a bit self-conscious about shaking your booty on the dance floor. Never fear, help is at hand. Here’s how to go from wallflower to ruling the dance-floor:

Watch and learn
First, take some time to check out what everyone else on the floor is doing. Or if you prefer, watch a few dance videos at home before hitting the club. Keep an eye out for any repetitive moves you can easily do yourself.

Follow the beat
While you’re standing there, listen for the underlying beat of the music and start tapping your foot to it, then gently bounce your knees in time. When you’re comfortable with that, twist slightly as you bounce and relax your shoulders and arms so they can move naturally with the rest of your body. There – you’re dancing!

Practice makes perfect
Find a corner of the dance floor where you can practice your moves without drawing too much attention to yourself. To start with, your aim is to blend in and not make a fool of yourself, so keep your moves toned down while you get into it.

Make it yours
When you’re feeling more confident, try adding a few new moves, perhaps some of those repetitive ones you noticed earlier, or simply stepping side to side or back and forward, pivoting your feet to change your angle or varying your arm movements. Rather than thinking too hard, try to let go into the music and let it move your body.

Dance with a partner
If you don’t know your dance partner, start by dancing at a slight distance and move in as you get comfortable. You don’t have to match your moves to theirs but you’ll naturally start to co-ordinate more as you get into it.

If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous, check out some of the latest hip-hop dance trends, from twerking to the Harlem shake.

The most important thing is to have fun! Dance for yourself, let the music move you and you’ll not only feel great but also naturally look good on the floor. Shake that booty!

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