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Coping with Emotional Overwhelm

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Emotions are a very important part of our lives.  If we pay attention to them, they give us feedback on what is going on for us, and help us to process that.  There are many ways we can work with our emotions, including seeing a counsellor, doing a personal growth course, journaling, meditating or going for energetic feedback treatments such as BodyTalk or Kinesiology.

While we are doing that in whatever way feels right for us though, life has to go on.  We can’t necessarily afford to just collapse in a heap while we deal with our feelings.

So here are a few techniques to help you cope in moments when it all just feels too much.  Bear in mind that they don’t magically get rid of the emotions forever – you still need to acknowledge and work with them.  They can help a lot though when you just need to get through a fraught time to a space where it’s safe to process/cry/rage/let go, etc.

Using colour
Imagine you are surrounded by a transparent silver bubble filled with light – blue to bring emotional balance or pink to remind yourself that you are supported and loved.

Affirming yourself
Say to yourself ‘No matter what is going on, I love and accept myself’.

This is a very simple yet powerful Hawaiian healing technique that focuses on clearing whatever is causing the issue within you, even if we are struggling with others – because pretty much everything starts with us.  It quite simply involves saying 4 phrases to yourself:

  1. ‘I’m sorry.
  2. Please forgive me.
  3. I love you.
  4. Thank you.’

This site gives you the background on this technique – very interesting reading:

Experiment with these ideas to find which works best for you, whilst also making some time to work with the great gift of your emotions in whatever way feels right to you.

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