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Cool Ways to Spend Your Winter Holidays

By Jun 26, 2017 No Comments

After a heavy exam season, we’re sure that you’re feeling good and ready to blow off some steam! Luckily, the mid-year winter holidays are officially here. These are our top tips for really making the most of them and chilling out (get it?) to the max!

A Game Night In

Whether this means a night spent playing Guitar Hero or challenging your mates to a competitive round of Uno or Monopoly… it’s totally up to you. Ask everyone who comes to bring a bag of chips or treats along with them and you’ve got yourself a pretty awesome party without having to even venture out of the house!

A Romantic Evening by the Fire

After all of those hardcore study sessions, there’s no doubt that “the other one” may have started to feel slightly neglected. Make it up to that special someone by organising a romantic evening spent in front of the fire. A wintertime ‘picnic’ spread, a generous glass of wine or two and some classic hip hop choons in the background are sure to go down a treat.

Getting Some Fresh Air

Even though the weather is chilly, that’s no excuse to let yourself go. No more chowing down on all of the comfort food that you can get your hands on without getting a bit of exercise in! How about using some of your holiday time to take up a new sport to stay fit and start working on that summer body with plenty of time to spare? We recommend giving the Delta Park Run a try…

Most importantly, be sure to find some time to just chill, gather your thoughts, relax your body and, before you know it, you’ll be ready to tackle the next semester full throttle! Ain’t varsity life grand?

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