Do it with Confidence!!

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It’s been said that doing something with confidence is almost more important than doing it right.  The fact is that if you do it confidently, most people won’t think to question what you’ve done at all.  That may not always be a good thing, but there’s no denying that a certain level of confidence stands you in good stead, both in your personal life and in the working world.

Some people seem to have a natural sense of self-confidence and certainly it’s true that it comes more easily for some than others.  This may be due partly to personality differences and partly to life experiences and how we were brought up.  That said, there’s a lot we can do to put across a sense of confidence, even when we don’t feel it. Now is the time to practice!

Try these confidence-building exercises:

Practice doing things on your own
This might be as simple as occasionally taking yourself out to lunch or to see a movie, or joining a group where you can interact with new people – without taking a friend as a safety net.

Remind yourself what you’re good at
Everyone is good at something. Identify what your strengths are, then do more of that and compliment yourself as often as possible.  Whenever you catch yourself thinking something negative, replace it with something positive.

Build up your trust in your own judgement
The more you trust yourself, the more confidently you’ll come across to others.  So practice thinking and feeling things out for yourself, rather than asking everyone else’s opinion.  Once you’ve made a decision, follow through on it.  If you need to adjust your course, you’ll soon know and can take the next step from there.

Hold yourself with confidence
Body language is very powerful and you can use that to your advantage.  Stand or sit up straight, with your head up, look people in the eye and gently smile.

The funny thing is that the more you practice coming across with confidence, the more confident you will feel.  Try it and see!

Image credit:  Jun Wei Fan via Flickr

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