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Community Hours SA – How You Can Get Involved in Volunteer Work

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Is there anything more satisfying for the soul than doing your part for the community? The great news is that while being immensely fulfilling on a personal level, engaging in volunteer work is an excellent way in which to jazz up your CV, too. Introducing Community Hours SA, a company that makes it easy for you to get involved in issues that you care most about.

How it Works

Community Hours SA specialises in matching the youth, including university students, to volunteering opportunities that suit their preferences and areas of interest. The great news is that this is all done via their handy web portal: Using this portal, you are able to search, select and book to volunteer at organisations at which you feel you can truly make a difference.

Community Hours takes the hassle out of getting involved in volunteer work as they handle the booking and the verification of the hours you put in. They also make data available to parents and teachers, and provide the students with a digital recording and reporting mechanism.

Volunteers who are registered with Community Hours SA are able to log all of their hours online and print certificates detailing the hours that they volunteered.

Their Involvement at Joburg Universities

Community Hours is extremely involved at local universities, doing what they can to convince students to take the opportunity to volunteer seriously – both for themselves and for their future careers.

They also do their bit when it comes to assisting students in making the most of their courses. Most recently, for example, the team was on campus at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) at the Department of Strategic Communications, helping with the coordination of placing 3rd year Strategic Communications Students for their Work Place Integrated Learning.

Phase 1 was the introduction of students to NPOs and rounds of interviews, and phase 2 will include CVs being sent to more NPOs for perusal and selection. The ultimate goal is to place all 140 students in an effort to enable them to complete their studies and graduate.

Keen to register with Community Hours SA? You can do so here. Let’s work together to make SA a healthier, happier place to be!

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