Colour Your World!

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Have you noticed that some days you tend to gravitate towards certain colours more than others? That’s because each colour has a particular energy that expresses certain characteristics, which is why it’s used with careful consideration in branding and marketing, clothes design, interior decorating and so many other ways.

If you want to learn to consciously use colours in your life, you first need to know what they mean. Let’s take a look at the qualities of some of the most common colours:

Red is grounding, energising and draws attention. Use it when you’re feeling in need of some get-up-and-go or to generate courage or passion.

Orange inspires creativity, confidence and joy. It works well when you’re in the mood to play or feeling a bit low and in need of a boost.

Yellow increases self-esteem and personal power so is useful when you need to be in control. It also helps with thinking clearly and sorting through options if you have a decision to make.

Green brings about a feeling of serenity, which is why being in nature is so soothing. It’s also good for physical healing and helps if you’re not feeling so well or just need some time out.

Blue is extremely calming and soothing, and helps to balance the emotions. It encourages good communication and speaking the truth, so can be helpful in social situations or if you need to have a difficult conversation.

Violet is another soothing colour that helps you tap into your natural intuition. Great for relaxation, especially before bed, and for relieving headaches.

Pink is all about love – of self and of others. It enhances self-worth and relieves fears and phobias, so use it when you’re not feeling so good about yourself or the situation you’re in.

Black enhances creativity and helps with self-discipline. Use it when you’re procrastinating about something you need to do, like studying, or to stimulate creative ideas.

Once you’ve picked the colour you need, wear it with; imagine yourself surrounded by it and you’re breathing it in, or keep coloured objects near or on you. Everyone is unique so experiment with different colours and notice what works for you.

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