Choosing to be social as a career path

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These social media jobs can help you to cash in on fourth industrial revolution career paths.

Buzz words hinged on the fourth industrial revolution phenomenon are those of social media, artificial intelligence and automation. Social media is one of those hyped platforms that has changed the game. With the rise of social media influencers cashing in, one can’t help but wonder what other social media related career paths are out there.

Social media influencer

We see them regularly featured on TV and social media, getting envied invites, and scoring freebies in exchange for cash and money. Social media influencers with large followings are not necessarily qualified professionals but can use fame and their interests in their favour. Brands tend to make use of social media influencers to share their stories.

Community management

Are you someone who likes checking your social media status? Do you have an interest in lifestyle happenings, sassy events, and interacting with peeps? If this sounds like you, you should have a look at community management. These peeps foster relationships with a brand’s audience on social media and link it with other channels like newsletters, chats and events.

In the true interconnectivity spirit of social media, think of developers, brand advocates and tech support teams. All of them play a hand in nurturing relationships and growing brands.

Content marketer

There are various branches that social media managers and community managers can branch out to. For those who like creating captivating content, work as a content marketer can be rewarding. To get into this avenue, formal studies can include digital media studies, language studies, copywriting, public relations and journalism.

If you prefer the creative visual route, you can look into studying graphic design. Such studies can help you to be able to craft compelling and engaging content for social media platforms.

Social media analyst

Social media is not just about posting and generating likes. For social media analysts, there’s a whole lot of tracking, identifying trends and making accurate predictions to forge stronger relations with the intended audiences. This job entails detailed analysis and making use of relevant data to better connect with brands and audiences. Social media strategies, marketing strategies and a whole lot of creativity are used to help guide social media campaigns.

From analysing to creative strategising, and populating content plan calendars; there are many compelling careers linked to the social environment. This opens up a whole new world filled with exciting challenges and opportunities.

Whether you are interested in part-time student jobs or are ready for a full career immersion; work in the digital space is worth exploring. For best results, add relevant digital skills to your current life skills, and mix that with passion and enthusiasm. There’s no stopping you now!

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