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Cheap and Cheerful Gifts!

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No matter what your personal belief system, it’s that time of year when giving gifts is expected. If you’re on a tight budget, you may need to be super-clever in how you use your meagre funds. Pick one of these ideas to wow your friends and family, plus save some bucks:

Bake something

Biscuits or cupcakes always go down well. Keep it simple with something like these peanut butter biscuits or just buy some ready-made biscuits or fairy cakes, and embellish them with icing and sprinkles. Pack your finished product in a clear box or jar to show them off.

Create a gift

If you’re good with your hands, use them to create something original. Whether you knit a scarf, make some simple jewellery, whittle a carving from wood or use glue and crafting stickers to create a beautiful personal journal, the recipient is sure to be appreciative of the time and effort that’s gone into it.

Pot a plant

Plants are gifts that just keep giving. Invest in a 6-pack of herbs or pretty flowers from your local nursery and re-pot them in an attractive recycled container. For more on how to do this, see here.

Put together a package

Find a nice container and fill it with small, themed items e.g.:

  • Some firelighters, matches and a bottle of braai spice
  • A selection of small sweets or chocolates (get a few different packets and mix and match them)
  • Some bottles of beer or fizzy drinks
  • Some containers of dried herbs and spices (visit your local spice shop for the cheapest and freshest)

It’s all in the wrapping

Even the most inexpensive and simple gift can be taken to the next level using beautiful wrapping. Try any of these alternatives to normal wrapping paper to make a great impression:

  • Tissue paper
  • A selection of ribbons and lace
  • A brown paper bag, hand painted, stamped or decorated with stickers – turn over the top, use a punch to make two holes through all the layers and thread a kebab stick through to seal it
  • Cellophane paper
  • A shoebox, covered in wrapping paper or fabric

Use your imagination (and/or Google) and you’ll save money, while creating gifts that people will remember for years!

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