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Can Music Help You Study?

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While listening to gangsta rap when revising for that all-important economics final probably isn’t the best idea, studies have shown that listening to specific types of music can indeed help to improve memory, concentration and overall productivity. We look into the how and why, and provide some suggestions as to which tracks to listen to in order to put the theory to the test.

According to recent findings, listening to music is not only good for the soul, it’s also beneficial to your psyche while studying for the following reasons:

  • It helps to make repetitive, long-winded tasks more tolerable
  • It can help to focus the mind, especially when used to cover up noise if working in a public space (like in noisy digz, for example)
  • It provides ambient noise which has been proven to stimulate the creative portion of the brain and enhance concentration and information retention

Generally, there are two main types of music which have been tried and tested in this regard:

Classical Music

Aside from its overall calming effect, which is extremely beneficial in itself, classical music (and music from the Baroque period in particular) is the number one choice for students across the globe. If you’re looking to give it a try, we recommend checking out some Mozart or Vivaldi classics on Youtube. There are a few collections, like this one , which have been put together especially for students such as you.

Electronic Music

If you’re a big fan of electronic beats, you’re in luck. Ambient electronic music has also been proven to enhance focus and concentration. However, not all electronic tracks are good choices. You need to stick with songs that start off simply, such as Curveball by Vanilla and maintain a steady pace and beat.

If you want to experiment with different sounds, be sure to browse Youtube by typing in phrases such as ‘music for studying’ or ‘study music’. There are many options available that could completely transform the way in which you prepare for, and ace, your exams, but it’s advisable to check out your tolerance well in advance of your finals – some people just aren’t cut out to study and listen.

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