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Can 50 minutes or R50 change the life of others? Yes! Here’s how 

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There are many ways to make a difference. Even if you don’t have the time, there is something that you can do as part of your student life to give back. Here are creative ways of giving back rated according to the effort required. This is how you can change the life of another person’s world with R50 or a 50 minute (or less) act of kindness.

Birthday donations

Is your birthday around the corner? Rather than receiving birthday presents, ask your friends to donate R50. You can take this contribution and give it to a non-profit organisation of your choice.

Give out gift cards

There are people in need all around us. You can make a big difference by purchasing R50 gift cards from coffee shops or supermarkets and handing them out to destitute neighbours or strangers in the community. You can do this once-off, weekly or monthly.

Support a loved one

Do you know someone who is going through a tough time? Spend 5 minutes or less to send them a supportive text message. It not only shows that you are thinking about them but will make a big difference in lifting their spirits.

Donate clothing

Take 5 minutes to compile a pile of your used old clothes that are still in good condition. These pre-loved clothes can help to change the quality of life of needy peeps.

Donate toys to orphanages, hospitals, prisons and kids in need

Many think of donating to orphanages, but what often gets overlooked are children’s hospital wards and prisons. Psychological and counselling units that specialise in children can use your toys in therapy sessions. You can also donate toys to kids with their moms when you see them begging at the traffic intersection.

Reading to the elderly

Many senior citizens need someone to read them something from their Bibles. Perhaps you have a page-turner kind of book. Volunteer your time by reading to the elderly, the disabled or children. You can also help someone to clean up their environment after reading the book.

Changing someone’s life does not need to be complicated or require a lot of finances or time. Your heart is what’s most needed to propel corporate social investment (CSI). You can volunteer your time and donate, no matter the depth of your pocket if you manage your money wisely. You are never helpless.

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