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Business skills they won’t teach you at university

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No matter how many qualifications you may get, there are certain things that no academic institution can teach you. Often in your quest to gain wisdom, it’s just a matter of time before you realise that life’s greatest tips cannot be contained within book covers. Here are some of the top business skills no university can teach you.

Keep living…

There are some things in life you may not understand or believe right now and no amount of convincing is ever going to make any difference. For those things, in the moments when the lecturer keeps saying something that is flying over your head (or where you may have strong opposing opinions to something that they know you won’t understand), their unspoken murmur is “keep living”.

Life has a way of teaching you that which nothing else can. If you think saving is not important… Keep living, we’ll have this conversation in a week, month, year or even a decade after life has dealt with you. Life speaks. Life teaches. No one, but life can give you that lesson.

Failure is inevitable

So often varsity teaches success. You are taught how to minimise failure, increase success, aim for the gold, fire and win. One of the greatest business skills pertains to the realisation that failure is inevitable. Sometimes, no matter how much you try to ace it, you will fail.

Sometimes it’s your fault, but other times it’s because of external factors that changed the environment. When you miss the mark, even after doing all things from your side; pick yourself up, fortify your walls and rise again.

No one actually knows what tomorrow will bring

Even though you may be taught how to speculate, calculate and forecast the future; varsity attempts to teach you to function at such a level that you are empowered to provide lasting solutions to the problems concerning an unknown future. Revolutionary new technologies, digital wars, social infrastructures and so much more can arise and you must be able to adjust accordingly.

Case studies, practical work and examinations try to instil something in you that prepare you to think at a higher level and remain relevant in the real world, not just for now, but in the world of tomorrow, where no one has ever stepped into [yet].

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