Business Ideas that Disrupted Entire Industries 

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business disruptorThe key to starting a successful business lies in thinking up a unique business idea that has the potential to completely disrupt an entire industry. The businesses that gain incredible momentum right from the beginning are those that seek to solve problems that no or few other businesses are able to – or to solve problems that consumers didn’t even know they had! If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking for inspiration to kick-start your start-up, read on…


The idea behind RaptorMaps is to build and operate unmanned aircraft capable of analysing huge expanses of crops to identify potential pest problems, maximise crop yields, and reduce the amount of chemical-heavy pesticides currently utilised within the agriculture industry. By pinpointing specific areas being targeted by pests, farmers and agricultural companies can ‘spot treat’ them, ultimately ensuring healthier yields and limiting negative environmental impact.


Latitude is essentially an app that acts as a virtual tour guide on your travels. It provides in-depth and interesting audio explanations when you arrive at specific landmarks and places of interest. No need to spend hundreds on hiring an expert or to keep up with a tour group. Explore at your own pace and at a fraction of the cost.

Fever Smart

Fever Smart is a business idea that is extremely relevant in current times. It revolves around the development of a special patch thermometer that can be comfortably worn on the body to allow for continuous temperature monitoring. You can monitor temperature remotely and receive alerts when the thermometer detects any change that is cause for concern. There is also talk that this invention could make it possible to keep track of community and global illness outbreaks via big data analytics in the cloud.


Let’s face it – personal trainers are expensive. But what if you could share the costs of one with other like-minded people with like-minded weight loss or muscle-building goals? That is where FitMango comes in. You simply answer a few personal questions and the application matches you to a small group personal training session at a gym facility near you. No gym membership required!

Feeling inspired? The world needs more disruptive ideas and inventions right now. You’ve got what it takes…. now make it happen!

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