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Budget fashion: Revamp your look for 2019

By Mar 4, 2019 No Comments

budget fashion revamp your look

New year. New you. New clothes? Unfortunately splashing out on a whole new wardrobe of fashionable threads is nothing more than a daydream for the average student. The good news is that you can update your wardrobe for 2019 and look good for less with these clever budget fashion tips!

1. Shop your own closet

When it comes to finding cheap clothes, nothing is cheaper than what’s already in your cupboard! If you have a closet overflowing with garments, there’s probably loads in there that you haven’t worn in ages. So do a good old spring clean. Pull everything out, sort through the mess, and rediscover all the old favourites you forgot you even had in there.

2. Go minimal with a capsule wardrobe

If you’re tidying out your closet, it might be a good time to declutter a la Mari Kondo. Whittle down your wardrobe to a small selection of clothing items that you really love, that look and feel great on you, and that can be easily mix and matched. If you get into the habit of using a capsule wardrobe, it makes your future clothing spending much less pricey, as you can simply buy a couple of good quality, key fashion items each season.

3. Vintage and second hand

Scour second hand shops in your neighbourhood or search for pre-loved clothing online. You can find some incredible bargains! Apart from offering affordable fashion, second hand clothing stores offer another couple of benefits that will make you smile.
Firstly, it’s more eco-friendly. Every garment has a carbon footprint. You’d be amazed at the amount of time, energy and resources that goes into producing something as simple as a new t-shirt. Secondly, vintage shopping helps you find items that are one-of a kind. There’s very little chance of going out and seeing someone wearing the exact same dress as you!

4. Repurpose what you’ve got

Clothes that you don’t wear much (or at all) anymore can be repurposed if you put your mind to it. Jeans can be cut off into cute shorts. A pretty silk or cotton scarf can become a chic head wrap or bandanna. Turn an elastic waist maxi skirt into a stylish strapless dress – simply pull it up under your arm, cinch it with a belt, and voila!

We all dream of shopping sprees and having the money to buy designer clothes. But if that’s not on the cards, it doesn’t mean you need to look dowdy and out of style. Budget fashion encourages you to think out of the box, be innovative and creative, and find your own unique look to stand out of the crowd!

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