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Boost Your Energy!

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Perhaps you’ve been studying, partying or just out and about for the day, and now you need to summon up some energy to go on for a while longer. Enter the quick energy booster!

Move your body
Try doing some really energetic exercise for just a few minutes. Star jumps, skipping, free punching or kicking all work really well, and will get your body moving, your blood flowing and oxygen to your brain to wake it up. If you’re really too tired to manage anything strenuous, even just getting up, walking around and stretching will help.

Power nap
A lot of research has been done on the massive benefits of power naps, and some of the most successful people in the world swear by them. Set your alarm clock, get comfy then sleep for only 10 to 20 minutes to refresh your body. Any longer and you may wake up feeling groggy or not be able to sleep that night.

Use your nose
Some scents provide an instant pick-me-up. Sniff some cinnamon (careful you don’t get it up your nose if you’re using the ground form), peppermint (fresh herbs or even a mint sweet), rosemary (fresh or dried herbs) or lemon (fresh). Any of those in essential oil form also works really well, in an oil burner or simply sniffed straight from the bottle.

Have a healthy snack
Keep your blood sugar levels stabilised and your body functioning well with some quick, preferably whole foods. An apple or banana with peanut butter smeared on it, some biltong, nuts, cheese, fresh berries, granola, good quality chocolate or a smoothie all work well, and will feel like a treat too.

This is a short-cut to waking up your body and it’s so simple. The trick is to do it right, breathing slowly and deeply in and out, right down into your belly. Try counting to 6 as you breathe in, holding your breath for a count of 3, and then counting to 6 again as you breathe out.

Do some laughter yoga or spend just a few minutes watching a funny video on YouTube (note: that’s a few minutes only) to get you chortling. It feels really good, reduces stress and gets that all-important oxygen flowing through your body.

Any of these will help generate some energy and/or momentum to get you moving again. Give them a try next time you need a lift in energy!

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