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Big Idea: SA Hip Hop Legends

By Jun 9, 2017 No Comments

If you have yet to hear about the talented band, Big Idea, you’re in for a real awakening! These guys are a hip hop / jazz fusion group who, over the years, have made a BIG contribution to the local music biz. While they are indeed originally from Durbz, their flava is proudly South African – which is just one of the reasons why they have fans all over the country.

What’s awesome about Big Idea is the fact that the band is made up of 6 individuals, all of whom are from extremely different cultures and backgrounds. They truly represent what it means to be a rainbow nation. Crossing cultural bridges, and sharing epic tunes with South Africa, is what they do best.

The front man and lead vocalist is Quincy “Q” Fynn, with Burton Naidoo on the keyboard, Gareth ‘2 Gees’ Gale on the drums, 2 emcees in the form of JET and King Babar and, of course, DJ LV on decks.

The band has been around since 2004 and has performed at TransAfrica Express, Krakatoa and Splashy Fen over the years. Their most popular album to date is entitled ‘Hot Box’, produced and released through Ruffinery Records. Some of the band’s most popular hits include ‘Aweh’ and ‘A Theme for Life’, all of which can be found, and jammed to, on Youtube.

The band itself is not as active these days as they were a few years ago. However, their fans believe that they have managed to solidify themselves into the South African hip hop culture for many years to come, and it is safe to say that they still have a massive cult following!

Whether you’re from Jozi, Cape Town or Durbz, or anywhere else in SA for that matter, it’s easy to relate to these guys and appreciate the contribution that they have made to the local music industry.

If you’re looking to listen to something special, you can’t get enough of hip hop and you’re inspired by culturally diverse music collaborations, Big Idea is definitely well worth checking out.

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