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Best Study Spots with free WiFi In and Around Braamfontein

By April 11, 2019 No Comments

best study spotsRegular load-shedding is becoming a reality for most South Africans. So, you’ll need a plan B. Finding a handy study spot with free WiFi is a must! But who needs load-shedding as an excuse to head off there and enjoy a comforting cuppa? We’ve done the research for you… these are the best WiFi study spots in Braamfontein.

Wimpy – Empire Road

Bottomless coffee and free WiFi, the Wimpy on Empire Road is sure to tick all the boxes. Ask your waiter for the password, and you’ll be able to get started immediately.

Doubleshot Coffee and Tea

You’ll find this adorable eatery and coffee house on Corner of Juta and Melle Street. Needless to say, they specialise in artisan coffee and tea. Providing a laid-back atmosphere in which to relax and get some revision done. Their WiFi is 100% free.

Braamfontein McDonalds

When you have a hunger that only Maccy Ds will satisfy, head on over to the Braamfontein MacDonalds. You’ll be able to grab a quick (and cheap) bite to eat and maximise the experience with free WiFi too.


Known for their red velvet cake. Wolves is a firm favourite amongst students and freelancers. Their WiFi is also 100% free.

Father Coffee

Most study sessions call for more than free WiFi. They call for a strong cuppa Joe too! Luckily, Father Coffee on Juta Street can provide both. The café is open from 8am every weekday and has become a rather trendy student hot spot of late.

Velo Café

Velo Café is proud to bring café culture to the heart of Braamfontein. But that’s not all that they bring – free WiFi is also part and parcel of the Velo experience. They open as early as 7am on weekdays. If you get there before 9am, you’ll be able to order yourself a large double shot cappuccino for R20.

Happy studies!

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