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Best Bootcamps around Braamfontein

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Did you chow down on a bit too much turkey this festive season? Has your six pack gone into hiding? If your New Year’s resolution is to get back in shape, we have the solution for you. Boot camp, baby!

The first thing that you think of when you hear the word ‘boot camp’ is discipline. The second is hard work. The third is SWEAT. For those who want to see results and who want to see them fast, and who aren’t afraid of feeling every muscle in their body scream, boot camp is the ideal fitness choice.

The Benefits

Seeing as though boot camp is a group exercise activity, you are likely to stay motivated for longer than you would if you were going it alone. Why not invite some of your mates to get fit with you? You can cheer each other on and enjoy a brand new bonding activity.

Another excellent benefit of boot camp is the fact that it is much cheaper than hiring a personal trainer, and yet you are still guaranteed an intense workout. When it comes to results, value for money is evident very quickly indeed.

You are also able to purchase a set number of lessons, which means that you are sure to be less likely to give into laziness and pull a ‘sickie’ just because you can’t face getting out of bed so early once again.

Where in and around Braamfontein?

If you sign up to join a gym, especially a Virgin Active, you are almost guaranteed the choice of a few boot camp classes throughout the week. However, if you prefer something a little bit more private, we recommend Adventure Boot Camp.

There are classes being held just a stone’s throw away from Braamfontein in Melville at the UJ Hockey Astro Club. Classes are held in the mornings and the evenings, so you’re bound to be able to fit them into your schedule.

Remember, if you have not been engaging in much exercise over the last few months, it might be best to start off slow by taking a swift walk around the block a couple of times a week or visiting the community pools and swimming a few laps. Boot camp is pretty hardcore and it certainly isn’t for the faint hearted. Can YOU handle it? 😉

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