Best apps to get in on when you can’t go out

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appsQuarantine. Lockdown. Pandemic. Virus. – These are just some of the overused and banal words to date in 2020. With schools, universities and digz having closed their doors because of Covid-19, one can’t help but feel like it’s holidays. Yet, in these uncertain times, there’s more to be done than just browsing social media and munching away.

Life needs to go on, and this includes catching up with studies and upskilling. These cool apps are a must, particularly when it’s safer to stay home as much as you can.

Productivity app

With social media abuzz with fitness and fashion, one can get a bit carried away with spending too much time online. That’s just where Forest, a productivity app, comes in to save the day. It is excellent for keeping you focused on your books. When you spend a certain amount of time focused, Forest plants a tree. When you leave the app, the tree is killed. Eventually, you are lured to stay focussed so that you can build a captivating “virtual” forest.

Arty shopping app

With so much time at hand, it’s normal to doodle. Yet, while many just pass time scribbling away, some turn to an app called Redbubble. If you’re an artist or artist-at-heart, you can upload your designs and have app users purchase an assortment of stuff like stickers, mugs and t-shirts with your designs. A portion of the money goes to artists – and users can spot cool items, with the added perk of supporting artists.

Fitness app

Gyms are closed, and the lure to sneak to the fridge is increasing. That’s when you know a fitness app is a must. There are many fitness apps to choose from right now. Take a look though at FitOn. It is one of those must-get apps, simply because it’s practical. It offers diverse workouts that don’t need gym equipment and fitness instructors nearby. Best of all, it does not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Each user sets their own fitness goals. So whether you want to lose weight, tone or get some light cardio; you can do what you want and need for your body.

“Must-get” app

Most students can relate to the dreary feeling that comes when you run out of space on your gadgets – and need to uninstall apps, delete those cool pictures or buy more memory space. It downright sucks. And, that’s just where Dropbox comes in. Whether you need extra space on your mobile phone or laptop, their free account steps in to offer that extra storage, allowing easy access and switching between different devices.

Expert app

Lockdown, in some form or other, will be with us for many months yet, which possibly leaves you in chill mode, unable to concentrate as much when it comes to proofreading your assignments, letters and texts. Thanks to Grammarly, your writing can be polished and checked for spelling and grammar. It’s like having an expert editor on your side. It can even detect plagiarism. It works on your phone and laptop so that all your touchpoints can be error-free.

Now is the best time to catch up on all the apps you’ve wanted to probe, but just didn’t have the time. There’s hope, even in times of a crisis. People who go through periods of crisis are usually more resilient and confident in their abilities to cope with challenges.

Technology can enhance your time management, make you work smarter, increase your creativity, steer you towards being a more refined version of yourself and even make you some money. When browsing apps, please use general safety tips to remain safe online. Anyway, what are you waiting for? Go for it!

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