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Beat the Boredom this Summer

By Dec 9, 2020 No Comments

beat the boredomAfter a whirlwind year full of change, stress, and adjustment, the festive season is almost on us and as hard as it is to believe, you’ll soon be looking for tips to beat the boredom!

Many of us need some time to rest and reflect on our various victories throughout the past few months. However, after a long period spent in lockdown, you can be sure that the boredom is likely to hit sooner than usual this summer ahead of your return to varsity.

Here is a round-up of some of our best ideas to keep yourself busy and stimulated.

Organise a sampling party to beat the boredom

Friends, family, fun, sun, and yummy food – that is what summer is all about! Enhance the latter by organising a small sampling ‘party’ with your varisty mates or relatives. Everyone who is invited should be tasked with bringing something delicious from a specific category for everybody else to try. For example, everyone needs to bring homemade sliders or a six-pack of their favourite craft beer.

From there, everyone samples the food/drink and rates it all anonymously (remember to avoid sharing!) and the person who was responsible for bringing the winning food/drink wins a little prize!

Visit a charity shop with a friend

Charity shops need your support right now, plus they allow you the chance to search for treasures and save big! Head to a local charity shop with a friend and see what you can find to give as gifts to loved ones (or yourself) over the festive period.

Beat the boredom by learning a Tik Tok dance

If you are not already immersed in the magic that this social media platform has to offer, you are definitely missing out. There are countless challenges with which to busy yourself, along with a host of fun dances to try your hand (and feet) at. Film your efforts and share with your friends and student digs mates!

Make a charcuterie board

This is basically a fancy word for a platter boasting an assortment of eats, such as cold meat, fruit, and cheese. It is a wonderful opportunity to get creative when making a snack for friends and family. If you are looking to spice up the experience of putting one together, why not consider a themed board, such as a Christmas charcuterie creation? You could even make a board based on a specific colour or type of food (for example, a board of sweet treats).

Do you have any other boredom-busting suggestions to share with your fellow students? Share them with us on our Facebook page using the hashtag #boredombusters.

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