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Beard Trimming 101

By Oct 12, 2018 No Comments

If you don’t know about beard grooming, where have you been? Its amongst the latest trends and identity statements for men the world over. Whether you decide to go for the moonscape, trim or cut it; it’s all up to you. Here are the top three popular beard styles for 2018.

Circle Beard

The circle beard is a combination of a moustache and goatee. A rounded goatee beard style. It is the go-to look for guys who want to keep their beards yet maintain that trimmed up and well-maintained look.

Full Beard

If you have a triangular shape face, then the full beard is for you. It’s masculine and accentuates your face. Grow it completely or tame it with a medium stubble. Perfection! It screams out style.

Imperial Beard Style

Here’s a beard that works as good with or without sideburns. The Mel Gibson style. Achieved by growing your moustache long enough to acquire some “whiskers”. Style as desired or to match the gentlemanly requirements of the occasion.

It’s said that facial hair resists over 90% of the harmful UV rays that can damage your skin. It can also elevate your sex appeal and fashion sense. The idea is not to let it all grow out or to imitate “Big Foot”, but rather to groom yourself to an irresistible level.

Manage your money well by doing it yourself or visit a professional hair stylist to help you get started.

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