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Balancing philanthropy on a student budget

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You cannot give what you don’t have. Many agree when it comes to the consensus that giving to those less fortunate can enlighten the giver as much as the one who is remembered. That’s exactly what philanthropy does; it can re-member you and remind you of things which no money can buy.

At the end of the day, being a philanthropist is not only for the rich out there who can simply sign a cheque and move on. Regardless of your budget, whether it is tight or has a bit of leeway, here are some ideas that can help you strike a sustainable balance.

Gift of self

Nothing is more precious than giving of yourself. Clicking on a “donate” button online to help children in need is the easy option. Instead, why don’t you consider volunteering at an orphanage and giving your time and skills to help others? Read to the elderly in a hospice, take a child out on Father’s Day, arrange the chairs at church… There are many ways to show you care which require nothing but your love, skills and time.

A leap for the marginalised

The elderly, disabled, women and children are amongst the most marginalised groups in our society. They can often find themselves in compromised positions. Do you have a skill, interest or something of value that can help protect and/or add value to these people? Market their fundraising initiatives, retweet them to gain momentum, get involved.

Pro life… All of it

Not all life speaks, yet all of it is precious and worthy of praise and protection. Even animals and plants around us are precious. Walk the neighbour’s dogs. Scoop up poop in parks. Organise a group of friends who love the environment and maybe go and clean the riverbed and shorelines.

Philanthropy and Fundraising

There comes a time when you simply can’t give of your time on your own anymore and need the assistance of a community in order to do greater good. One such way is to raise funds through crowd sourcing initiatives. You can donate to programmes to fight drugs, build up homes, help rebuild homes and so much more. There are several South African crowdfunding platforms like Jump Starter and Start Me.

Investing as a student in philanthropy is truly giving of yourself. How you choose to give, be it with your time which is precious, or from your budget which is limited, know that every little bit makes a world of difference to those less fortunate.

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