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Awesome GOT-inspired fashion trends

By July 5, 2019 July 29th, 2019 No Comments

Who said the festivities need to stop because the Game of Thrones (GOT) season is up? Not us! With all these awesome GOT-inspired fashion trends.

You can transform the revolutionary show costumes into something worthy. Slip it into your wardrobe, particularly during semester holidays.

The best part is that by adopting such inspiration, you can embrace diversity. Let your clothes tell a story. Your unique lifestyle and individualised personality traits. Student life, if anything, is all about finding yourself. Your beliefs and voice, and what better way than with fashion forward styling. Here are out of the norm looks, that celebrate GOT and you.

Sansa Stark

Throughout the seasons (one to eight), we watched how Sansa metamorphosised. From a little girl with a dream to rule as queen, to how her political career has thrived. She’s also blossomed as a leading lady worth imitating to some degree. Looking at the latest seasons, we love how she rocks a leather bodice, a black skirt and black sleeved top. You can personalise this look. Add black heeled boots, a rustic silver chains neckpiece and a black leather bag.

Cersei Lannister

Life has a way of changing peeps. More recent seasons show off Cersei Lannister’s hardened and fearsome style. Particularly without her children nearby. She portrays a powerhouse fitted in black clothes with metal artefacts around her neck, shoulders and collars. Bringing this look into the current era is easier than you think. Black fitted pants, spiked killer heels and a metal neckpiece. And to complete the look, an oversized yet flattering dark blazer.

Arya Stark

If you are looking for fashion inspiration, then Arya Stark has it. Fans love the carefree and comfy look of this young assassin. You can embrace her look by investing in an asymmetric cape with fur lining. Boy jeans folded over the ankles and a comfy black or green t-shirt. Her look reaffirms that when you know you’ve got it and are enough, you don’t need to try so hard.

For almost a decade, GOB has been igniting international screens. Gaining fans from across the world. We hope that with these on-point GOB-inspired ‘dos; you too will ignite the warrior in you. Let the games begin!

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