Avoid FOMO with these 7 social media trends in 2018

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2018 brings with it revolutionary online advancements that are bound to alter the way we interact on social media platforms. While there are a lot of new and/or improved digital trends, this is our ultimate list of the social media trends you should watch out for.

1. Customized chat bots (artificial intelligence)

What happens if a brand gets thousands of questions, mentions and hash tags online (and they want to acknowledge and respond to them all individually)? That’s where customised chat bots come in. Yep, you got it – a machine can reply in such a way that it feels as if you’re chatting to a human being on the other side of the screen.

2. Instagram Stories are on the rise

Not only can accounts with more than 10,000 followers add a link within the feature, but the rise in Instagram Stories is something to watch out for – and even better – join in. The marketing implications are enormous.

3. Influencer marketing is key

Let’s say you’ve secured your first part time job in between studies and want to spoil yourself by going on holiday or buying a new phone… Chances are that you’ll check out what social media influencers such as travel/techno bloggers have to say. Brands know this and are making use of influencer marketing in 2018 like never before.

4. Location! Location! Location!

Top brands are making appearances on social media platforms that were traditionally not used by companies in order to reach new markets.

5. Forget “X”… “Z” marks the spot

Generation Z is the ultimate [and only] market said to be swayed by social media over price, when making a purchase. Analysts and research suggest that Generation Z is the market you want to captivate and trends will be swayed in order to captivate this generation.

6. Live streaming

We have already seen how big international brands are live streaming product launches and events. Expect so much more live streaming in many other departments and industries such as education and training, entertainment, religion and more. Soon (if it isn’t already), your next lecture could be live streamed.

7. Virtual reality and social TV

In the past we saw rapid virtual reality growth in video games as well as a shift from traditional TV with user trends. This suggested a rise in people watching videos on social media. Expect virtual reality and social TV merging to create new experiences.

Expect to see uncharted progress in these above-mentioned social media trends. We predict a “page-turner” of captivating social media progress to keep you glued to your screen. Yet when/if it all gets a bit too consuming, remember these tried and tested tips on how to be still. It’s happening this year! You’d better get acquainted with these rad trends to avoid FOMO.

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