Are you upping your skills to keep up with artificial intelligence?

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A time is coming when all that we espouse to be tried-and-tested methodologies of production may no longer hold. The world is changing and those who don’t move with the times stand the risk of being irrelevant. – That’s according to Daniel Schwartzkopff of DataProphet, a machine learning consultancy.

His interest into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning was sparked in 2011 when he worked on building a system that could play poker against humans and beat them. This opened him up to the unlimited potential harnessed by AI bots and how they can be used by companies to usher them into the future as thought leaders and industry trend setters.

Enter a new era

Gone are the days of only national state entities having access to supercomputers. By the utilisation of the graphic processing unit (GPU) as opposed to the CPU, calculation speed has rapidly increased. What is even better is that for the first time ever, and contrary to the norm, this technology is made available for companies as well as individuals.

AI is going to drastically change the world as we know it and it is a space that many have yet to tap into. It is a platform that is going to usher in new opportunities for mankind and machines. Critics argue that it opens up an exciting world and calls for the redefinition of what it entails to be human.

What is undisputed however is that it is something that is going to change the way we see life and relate to the world, business, each other and self.

What’s the big fuss about AI and machine learning (and what does it have to do with me)?

AI and machine learning is not as far-fetched as you think. Chances are that you may have already come across AI chat bots while chatting to an assistant or making an order from big international companies such as Amazon and Netflix.

AI systems can predict when a customer is most likely going to make a purchase and offer more personalised specials to increase the chances of clinching the sale. Don’t even get started about self-driven cars and how they can revolutionise the way that business is carried out.

Whether you are an engineer, computer programmer, call centre agent and so forth; there is an AI system that could be competing for your job. It is therefore imperative to up your skills and knowledge of how to dispel the fear of rejection when you press on for a job. The future is bright and full of possibilities. Prepare for it while you can.

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