Apprenticeship Programmes

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An apprenticeship programme is one that prepares a student for the working world. While studying at a university may prepare your child for the theory of their chosen career, it is the practical experience that is the most valuable. If your child has already chosen the course that he or she will study, then it is important to look into how much practical experience they will need to gain before they can actually get involved in their chosen career.

When it comes to apprenticeship programmes for engineering, education and the practical skills required for working in these industries; you will find a wide variety of options offered on the market. One of the biggest perks of an apprenticeship is that while the student is working for a company and gaining all their required experience, there is often the potential or promise of a job after the qualification that they are studying towards is achieved. It is important to look into the contracts on offer to see how long students will be tied into working for the company and what sort of remuneration is expected once qualifications are achieved.

If you are looking for useful apprenticeship programmes for your child, you will find that the following portals are great starting points:

Each of these online career portals offer quick and easy apprenticeship search options where you can learn more about the position on offer and what is required in terms of time and the minimum qualifications in order to be considered.

Students studying at well known and reputable universities such as Wits University or the University of Johannesburg (to name only a few), will generally not struggle to find decent apprenticeships.

You will also find that the career counselling departments at universities will be able to guide students with finding the ideal apprenticeship programmes to help them gain experience and boost their careers. Encourage your child to make an appointment with their career counsellor to find out more about what is available to them today!

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